Help our groups with a donation

Supporting Local Groups

There are many ways in which you can help support our groups.

  • Go to our contact page and ask to be part of a group’s mailing list.
  • Come to the group meetings.
  • Write a letter for our Action of the Month, and bookmark the page so that you can easily return next month.
  • Contribute financially. One of Amnesty International’s primary tools of action is letter-writing. Our groups send many letters each month, most of them overseas. Local groups are self-supporting for postage and are responsible for the hundreds of dollars per year they need for mailing costs. You may already be donating to the national organization (Amnesty International USA), if so, be aware that local group donations are separate from that fund. If you want to contribute to people in your community, you can donate here.

Financial Donations

You can donate to a group directly online!

Long Beach Group

Group 175 Fund-Raising Page