Group 178, Irvine—Fund-raising

Financial Donations Are Much Appreciated

National Organization

Your first step, if you are not already a national member, is to sign up to be a member of AIUSA. AIUSA Is currently having a membership drive trying to double their membership. If you are already a member, convince one of your friends to become one too! By your donation you will be supporting the largest Human Rights organization in the world and will receive the monthly AIUSA newsletter.

Support Your Local Group

Becoming a national member is important. But supporting people in your own community is also necessary. Help us organize events and write letters! At each meeting we send many letters with an average cost in stamps alone of $40. This is not counting the expenses incurred with planning events and inviting guest speakers. Our group does not collect dues from members, and we depend on your support to continue our work.

You can contribute online using our PayPal donation button:

Or you can send a donation to our mailing address.

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